Silver Plated Ice Cream Containers

Let’s file this under things you absolutely do not need. I learned about these via Aerin Lauder on twitter. She shared that she had recently seen these and was going to pick some up as summer hostess gifts.

I am always in the market for unique, thoughtful hostess gifts so I googled them.  At $95 each I don’t think I’m going to add them to my list of gift ideas. Do these assume that you are eating a whole pint of ice cream? That doesn’t seem very lady like to me. What do you think? Would you purchase these for yourself or a friend or do you think it’s a bit too indulgent?

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1 Lisa Cavaliere { 09.29.12 at 2:21 pm }

I think this would be a fancy way to serve ice-cream for an ice-cream sundae buffet or something, but definitely not for one.

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