10 Tips to Creating an Environment of Hospitality // #2

Welcome to the dog days of summer, y’all! At the Grosshans household we’re over here partying like this is the last summer ever – Orlando tourist stops everyday and the yummiest of burgers, ice cream, or chocolate chip cookies every night. A few years ago, I was planning a solo trip to Dallas for a friend’s wedding when my sister-in-law decided to spontaneously hop-in as my hubby stand-in. It was second to last week of school for teacher hubs, and he was not about to take off work for an out-of-town wedding. While planning our day excursions on this whirlwind trip, my conversation with my sister-in-law went something like “I heard this place has amazing breakfast, I was thinking we could go here and check out that neighborhood, then for lunch I read about this great sandwich place so we could go there and check out… and for dinner my friend said we have to eat at…” Pretty soon into our planning session she interrupted me and stated, “So, we’re pretty much just going to eat our way through Dallas and maybe tour around in between?” To which I promptly replied, “Well, duh.”

I firmly believe the BEST thing you can experience while traveling is food. And whether that travel means to a friend’s house down the street, or to a small province in China, I think the practice of sharing food is a really beautiful one.

So today’s tip:

Tip # 2

FOOD, FOOD, and more FOOD!

For me, the absolute WORST thing that can happen at an event is running out of food. Oh, just reading that sentence made my heart beat a little faster! And when it comes to entertaining and hosting, I truly believe preventing your guests from getting HANGRY is the biggest step to ensuring they feel welcomed and well hosted.

I LOVE this place setting because it tells a story of the food that is about to come to the guests seated here – with a teacup & saucer, salad plate, AND dinner plate, you can bet the guest eating here will not be going home dissatisfied!



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