10 Tips for Creating an Environment of Hospitality // # 1



THIS IS IT! Today is the VERY last day of our “Hello Again, Dishie!” 25% off promotion, and today I share my #1 tip for creating an environment of hospitality at your wedding or event.

TIP # 1
Focus on truly enjoying your guests.

So simple, right? But in the age of Pinterest, ever escalating wedding budgets, and the shrinking communication gap on our planet, it is easier now more than ever to get bogged down in the details and COMPARISON of your event vs. their event that the true meaning of it all is forgotten. At the beginning of this 10-day series, I posted the definition of hospitality – “the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers.”

And truly, when you ENJOY those around you, they ENJOY their time with you. That’s it!

So here’s to beautiful weddings, even more beautiful marriages, lovely parties, and a lifetime of intentionally surrounding yourself with people and things that bring you life & joy! And if a unique, gorgeous, and unforgettable table set with the most pretty china makes your heart pitter-patter with life & joy – I just may happen to know someone who can hook you up. *wink wink*

xoxo & dishie dreams!
– Sheena

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