Styled Shoots Galore – Oh Me, Oh My!

Florida has to have THE BEST wedding vendor community ever. Seriously, I have LOVED every single vendor I have worked with so far and have been over the moon with the results from our styled shoots together.

And just in case you think vintage china only works for vintage weddings… THINK AGAIN! In the last three months, I have participated in a rustic, ethereal outdoor shoot, a subtle, glamorous, secret garden shoot, an organic, classic, Mexican styled shoot, a preppy, fun, Lilly Pulitzer inspired shoot, a modern, glittery Christmas table, and a Palm Beach meets desert glam styled shoot. I have been SO inspired by all the different and creative ways we have worked together to use Dishie’s extensive collection to create table magic.

And I am especially ECSTATIC to say that our shoot with the ever talented Katie Manero of KT Crabb Photography will be featured on Style Me Pretty next month!

*cue the glitter cannons and roars of “Hooray!”*

Of course, I would be remiss to mention that this is not Dishie’s first time, or even second time, to grace the pages of SMP, but I’m so honored to continue with tradition and get to share Dishie with an even wider audience.

But that’s not the only exciting thing on the horizon!

I’ve been a little sleepy on my web presence – but I promise it’s because we’ve been kicking it into overtime in the real world! We’ve got some crazy exciting things coming up, including new Dishie COLLECTIONS, an amazing COLLABORATION with my favorite little city of Winter Garden, and, of course, some of the prettiest, most gorgeous weddings in all the land. I can’t wait to share it all with you this fall!

For now – here’s some photos from the GORGEOUS dinner we helped to sponsor for The Dinner Party Project‘s 2nd Anniversary! Dishie provided salad, soup, dinner, and dessert plates, along with water and beer goblets, and our infamous vintage champagne coupes and vintage gold flatware, for all 100 guests at this incredible Orlando event! Wasn’t it just the prettiest!?! We were so glad to be a part!

14039930_943753012414626_2515416767952148674_n 14046145_943751525748108_2737285290424099553_n 14102457_943751539081440_7402875990336292518_n14051799_943754619081132_3010701442202084483_n 14064206_943751192414808_8053343758339343125_n14067464_943756269080967_2969604908709932778_n


Venue // 1010 Church by The Cross Orlando
Host // The Dinner Party Project
Event Styling // Paper Goat Post
Florals // In Bloom
Photography // The Orlando Girl
Photobooth // Macbeth Studios
Cake // Hyatt Regency Orlando

Food // NOVA, Sobremesa, The Wandering Wonton, Em’s Neighborhood Kitchen


Happy 2 Months of Dishie!

Be it National Donut Day (a personal fav!), Best Friends Day, Dog Day, or my husband’s birthday (Aug 11th!) – there is ALWAYS something to celebrate in this world. And how lovely and wonderful to make a habit of celebrating life! So today, I’m celebrating my 2-MONTH ownership of Dishie!


In the past TWO months, Dishie has:

booked 11 events (11, y’all!!!)

met with 9 amazing brides, planners, and hostesses

hosted a summer book club with 7 other women, challenging each other to exercise our vulnerability and creativity

hosted 4 themed tables at the My Dream Wedding Expo at the Hilton Altamonte

participated in 3 styled shoots (with another 4 on the calendar!)

hosted 2 glamorous baby shower tea parties

and filled this incredibly blessed gal with ONE GRATEFUL HEART.
Earlier this year, I decided to live in the faithful pursuit of that which brings great love, life and joy into my life. And then God brought Dishie along! And I have loved EVERY MINUTE so far; what a dream!

Brene Brown writes, “To love someone fiercely, to believe in something with your whole heart, to celebrate a fleeting moment in time, to fully engage in a life that doesn’t come with guarantees – these are risks that involve vulnerability and often pain. But, I’m learning that recognizing and leaning into the discomfort of vulnerability teaches us how to live with joy, gratitude and grace.”
― Brene Brown, The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are

So here I am, with my vulnerable heart, daring greatly and dreaming big dreams for Dishie’s future while filled with incredible joy, gratitude, and grace. There’s no place I’d rather be. And I’m just getting going – so hold on tight! I can’t wait for what’s ahead and rejoice greatly in all the beauty, life, and fun that has surrounded me so far.

ON BEAUTY // Last month my sweet college galpal Katie Manero, the talented genius behind KT Crabb Photography, invited me to participate in an Ethereal Styled Shoot at her grandparents’ lake house in Umatilla. We had the most fun creating this GORGEOUS shoot together, and I’ve got a couple exclusive pics straight off the press, just for you! Enjoy!

EtherealStyledShoot-206 EtherealStyledShoot-208 EtherealStyledShoot-109


Farm Table, Chairs, Napkins & Cake Stand // RW Events

Stylist // Rachel Baird with RW Events

Cake // Anna Cakes

Florals // Flowers by Lesley

Photography // KT Crabb Photography

Bridal Gown // Saint Isabel Bridal



10 Tips for Creating an Environment of Hospitality // # 1



THIS IS IT! Today is the VERY last day of our “Hello Again, Dishie!” 25% off promotion, and today I share my #1 tip for creating an environment of hospitality at your wedding or event.

TIP # 1
Focus on truly enjoying your guests.

So simple, right? But in the age of Pinterest, ever escalating wedding budgets, and the shrinking communication gap on our planet, it is easier now more than ever to get bogged down in the details and COMPARISON of your event vs. their event that the true meaning of it all is forgotten. At the beginning of this 10-day series, I posted the definition of hospitality – “the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers.”

And truly, when you ENJOY those around you, they ENJOY their time with you. That’s it!

So here’s to beautiful weddings, even more beautiful marriages, lovely parties, and a lifetime of intentionally surrounding yourself with people and things that bring you life & joy! And if a unique, gorgeous, and unforgettable table set with the most pretty china makes your heart pitter-patter with life & joy – I just may happen to know someone who can hook you up. *wink wink*

xoxo & dishie dreams!
– Sheena


10 Tips to Creating an Environment of Hospitality // #2

Welcome to the dog days of summer, y’all! At the Grosshans household we’re over here partying like this is the last summer ever – Orlando tourist stops everyday and the yummiest of burgers, ice cream, or chocolate chip cookies every night. A few years ago, I was planning a solo trip to Dallas for a friend’s wedding when my sister-in-law decided to spontaneously hop-in as my hubby stand-in. It was second to last week of school for teacher hubs, and he was not about to take off work for an out-of-town wedding. While planning our day excursions on this whirlwind trip, my conversation with my sister-in-law went something like “I heard this place has amazing breakfast, I was thinking we could go here and check out that neighborhood, then for lunch I read about this great sandwich place so we could go there and check out… and for dinner my friend said we have to eat at…” Pretty soon into our planning session she interrupted me and stated, “So, we’re pretty much just going to eat our way through Dallas and maybe tour around in between?” To which I promptly replied, “Well, duh.”

I firmly believe the BEST thing you can experience while traveling is food. And whether that travel means to a friend’s house down the street, or to a small province in China, I think the practice of sharing food is a really beautiful one.

So today’s tip:

Tip # 2

FOOD, FOOD, and more FOOD!

For me, the absolute WORST thing that can happen at an event is running out of food. Oh, just reading that sentence made my heart beat a little faster! And when it comes to entertaining and hosting, I truly believe preventing your guests from getting HANGRY is the biggest step to ensuring they feel welcomed and well hosted.

I LOVE this place setting because it tells a story of the food that is about to come to the guests seated here – with a teacup & saucer, salad plate, AND dinner plate, you can bet the guest eating here will not be going home dissatisfied!




10 Tips for Creating an Environment of Hospitality // # 3

I will be the first to admit that entering an office supply store like Staples, Office Depot, or *gasp* The Container Store makes me a little giddy. Ok, A LOT giddy! Sweet dreams are made of rows of color coordinated bins, label makers, and choose-your-size post-it notes, right!? Call it lingering remnants of my only child-ness, but I love it when everything has a place. That boundary (read: sanity) keeps getting pushed as life goes on… first with the addition of roommates in college, then my husband, and with the baby?! The insatiable need to have a perfectly put together home has nearly gone out the window. And you know what? I think I’m a better host for it! I love having a tidy house, but I also just don’t worry that much about letting others see my mess. I’ve noticed that sharing some of my mess LITERALLY has made others more comfortable to share their mess FIGURATIVELY. Isn’t that amazing?

Tip # 3
Don’t Be Fussy

Remember to never lose the focus of hospitality – making your guest feel delighted, welcomed, and cherished. These feelings won’t happen if your guests are walking around your party fearful of breaking something and messing something up. Yes, instill a sense of respect for your home in your guests, but make sure you do everything you can to express that if a crystal glass goblet was accidentally broken while dancing, you will make sure the party will go on!

And speaking of not being fussy, how perfectly un-fussy and glamorous is this classic white & gold vintage setting?!



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