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Happy Labor Day Weekend!

I hope you all have lots of fun plans for the long weekend! I’m off to Vegas with Gray! I’m BEYOND excited to get to see Celine Dion, wear lots of sparkles and keep an eye out for Elvis sightings. Watch my instagram feed for a possible run to the Little White Chapel! ! Have a great weekend!




St. Thomas Bound!

As you read this, I’m clicking my heels and counting down the minutes until I can skip to the airport. I’m headed to St. Thomas with my family and hubby until Wednesday. My suitcase is bursting with swim suits, cover ups and sun dresses. I can’t wait to catch up on some reading, try snorkeling and spend time with the people I love. I’ve been daydreaming of little drinks with umbrellas for weeks! Hope your weekend is as magical as mine!

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Long Weekend in Panama

Hello darlings! I’ve been a terrible blogger this week, but I have a good excuse! I’ve been a busy little bee helping lots of beautiful brides plan the most divine tablescapes for their magical weddings! I’m taking a quick break from setting  tables to jet to Panama with my love. Our Christmas present to each other was this trip, so I’m happy to finally get my long awaited gift! : ) Enjoy the weekend!


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Year of Honeymoons: What to do in Paris

Oh, Paris! What girl hasn’t dreamed of twirling through the streets and sipping on cappuccinos in little cafes? I was a little worried that it had been overhyped and I would be disappointed. Yeah. That did not happen. It was probably the most wonderful week of my life.

We took a boat ride on our first night there. Thanks for that tip, Jordan Ferney! It was magical and we got to see the Eiffel Tower sparkle!! I think that is the perfect thing to do as soon as you arrive. It’s very romantic and it helps you get your bearings about where things are located. We took the Vedettes du Pont-Neuf tour and it was delightful.

The next day was my birthday! I pinched myself for 24 hours to make sure it was all really happening! Gray and I did the most fun thing in the whole world, which was take a Vespa tour around Paris. (I love tours!) I almost died of happiness while we rode around. Thanks for being my trustworthy chauffeur, Gray!

Okay, here is one of my best pieces of advice.. Sainte Chapelle has classic concerts several nights a week. The cathederal is the MOST beautiful thing you will lay your eyes on, this side of heaven. Beautiful music + 30,000 pieces of stained glass? I could hardly stand it. Please go! You’ll love it.

The opposite of a classical concert is a tour of the catacombs. Wear tennis shoes and bring a headlamp or a flashlight. My husband did not even have to buy these fashionable headlamps, he is so handy, he just happened to have them! We paid the extra couple of dollars to get the listening guides. I think next time it would be fun to download a spooky soundtrack and listen to it on an iPod.

You will probably feel like you have to go to the Louvre. I totally understand that. We went and so did about 10 million other people that day. We didn’t so much walk, as were carried by the throngs of people. I wouldn’t go back next time, but I can say I’ve been!

Versaille was such an overload of opulance, it really deserves it’s own post. They have little rowboats you can rent there, and my hero rowed me around the lake!

Le Tower Eiffel. So fun to see it in person! The line to go up was like literally 600 people long so we just admired it from here.

If you’re looking for a place to stay, I absolutely loved our hotel!

There are a million places to go in the City of Love, these are just some of my favorites. Did I leave your fave off the list? Let me know!

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Year of Honeymoons: NYC

Gray and I escaped to NYC over MLK Day weekend. All we did was eat, go to shows and do a little shopping. It was great!

It’s possible that we ate le Pain Quotidien every day for breakfast. Also, I may or may not have spilled an entire chai latte all over myself. I’ll let you decide.

I mean, could you resist eating this every morning?

This isn’t the one I spilled everywhere. This is a cup of almond milk that you pour Belgian chocolate into. Heaven!

Obv I had to stop by the Jonathan Adler store.

The wall of beauty at ABC Home and Carpet. I’m such a fan of Astier de Villatte.

My sister-in-law Brittany came with us which made the trip 5 times more fun. Her friend is a performer in Jersey Boys and he gave us a backstage tour of the set! This is us standing on the stage. I really wish I had done a little dance so I could say I’ve performed on Broadway. Next time.

Ok I know this is the worst picture of all time, but I was so enthralled by the experience of standing on a Broadway stage that I forgot to take any pictures of the dressing rooms or costumes. I snapped this on the way out. Real Broadway costumes, people. I was impressed.

Here are my NYC suggestions..


Fancy Dinners- Nobu– They serve Asian fusion tapa type dishes that you share. Whatever you do, order the Miso Cod. Seriously amazing!

Victor’s Cafe– Delicious Cuban Food in the Theater District. Tres Leches is crazy, crazy good. I also recommend the ropas vieja.

Cheap dinner or lunch- Rickshaw Dumplings– There are several locations around town and they’re a great quick option. Try the chocolate dumpling for dessert.

Shows- Wicked- It’s amazing, but you already knew that. We loved it!

Peter and the Star Catcher- Definitely the best show we saw. We were actually there for their closing performance but they’re reopening off Broadway in March. HIGHLY suggest seeing it!

Jersey Boys- Wonderful show! Your parents will really like it too. A 90 year old lady sat behind it and she pronounced it ahhhmazing after the finale.

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof- Scarlett Johansson plays the lead and she was really really great. Choose seats on the right hand side for a better view.


I’m already planning our next trip there! What are your favorite spots?

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