5 Things Taylor Swift Taught Me About Hosting

I'm not quite a "Swiftie" but I do have a pretty serious girl crush on Taylor Swift. The gal's an incredible song writer (have your HEARD "Better Man" by Little Big Town?!? ALL the tears!) and even better, is a pretty solid woman and friend. She doesn't put up with "casual" sexual assault, verbal abuse, or entrapment, and totally gets the mantra of "A Rising Tide Lifts All Ships" as she's always publicly encouraging and loving on her incredible fans and glamazon girl squad. 

Her newest album "Reputation" has been out for all of ONE day, and while her song "This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things" is probably about Kanye West *insert eye roll*  we can all learn some pretty fun take aways from this serial hostess. 

You can take the girl out of the South, but you can't take the South out of the girl! And it seems like this girl's Momma has instilled in her some of the best ways to throw a good party. 

5. You're Guests Come First - Not Your House


Now, you certainly can use wisdom for this one, and if you're throwing an elegant dinner party, it's not rude to let your invite have the caveat of "adults only, please." However, if you are throwing a fun family movie night gathering, you gotta chill if your friends, say, put their dirty feet all over your light beige couch.

People > Things, y'all. 

4. Food Doesn't Need To Be Fancy, But There Needs To Be LOTS of it. 


I think this is honestly the biggest stumbling block for some people afraid of hosting in their home. Know that you're friendship and value is in no way tied up in your culinary masterfulness (and if it is, find better friends!!!)! I've never heard anyone complain about being being well fed on free food, however, I've gone to many a party where people are hangry because there wasn't any food, or (worse) there wasn't ENOUGH food... Be still my half-Filipino heart if your party runs out of food!!!

If you have the choice between feeding everyone a tiny sliver of the fanciest filet mignon, or overfeeding everyone with pizza - CHOOSE THE PIZZA every time. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. If it's good enough for Tay's friends, its good enough for yours.

3. Don't Take Yourself Too Seriously


Presentation is everything - until it's not. I know this may sound funny coming from a luxury tablescape designer, but remember that the pretty things on your table are meant to show your love for the pretty people sitting at it.

That's it. 

Taylor has all the money in the world to provide her guests personalized, laser etched, monogrammed Moscow mule goblets to drink out of as they enjoy her party, but what does she provide? Red solo cups. And plastic tumblers. Like, that's Jay-Z at her 25th birthday party drinking out of a plastic cup. Rad.


2. Have Fun WITH Your Guests


The girl may be an extrovert at heart, but Taylor Swift is a PRO at looking like she is the one having THE MOST fun at the party that SHE'S throwing. And isn't that just the best!? Don't you just feel amazing when you get to a party and can tell that the host is SO glad you came because they truly believe that now their party is that much better with you in it? Even I need that reminder to ENJOY the party, not just create it.

1. Receive Your Guests With Grace & Gratitude


...and cookies! Receive people into your home with intentionality, shower them with all the displays of your love, and freely and abundantly dish out your grace over their imperfections. Above all else, your guests will remember how warmly you loved them, fed them, entertained them - HOSTED them.

And making your guests feel at home in your home, while feeling incredibly appreciated and loved, is the end goal, after all. 

So thanks, TayTay! Thanks for being an example of what it means to be a great friend, woman, and hostess! 

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