The Sunday Review - A New Segment on the Dishie Blog!

In my former life, I got to write and put a specific dollar amount to each word. Being a grant writer, I often had word limits for my submissions, and if that submission was awarded, well it quite literally gave a dollar amount to each and every word. It was an illuminating and thrilling work, most often feeling like a day at the casino, as much of nonprofit grant funding can be a gamble. I did, however, always connect with and love the aspect of storytelling within my writings. 

So, more as an exercise for me, and something I hope others will enjoy too, I'm starting this little segment called "The Sunday Review." It won't be every Sunday, but a few times a month it will be a place for me connect completely unedited and share a little bit of what I'm loving at the moment.


1. Anemones
Something about the delicate contrast in this flower just gives me all the feels. Jennie with Pixies & Petals used them in our florals at our Steampunk Wedding Shoot earlier this month at Howey Mansion, and I've been obsessed ever since. Give me them all, in every color, please and thank you. PC: Jamie Reinhart Photography

2. Jenga!
I'm sure every mom thinks their toddler is like the most amazing thing ever, but my three-year-old is just LOVING playing Jenga lately... and he's really really good at it. Like, Status Level: Expert. It's kind of my favorite thing right now and I look forward to his animated warnings of "Oh Momma, be careful, be careful" everyday. When was the last time you played Jenga?! 

3. THESE LEGGINGS that are actually pants, that are actually leggings...
I love me some New York & Company. I also love me some Eva Mendes (and I might love me some of her hubs Ryan Gosling a little more...) but this store's always on point in their silhouettes and basics. Hubby took me out for Sushi & Shopping on our date night (read: Wednesday's when Levi's at Awana) and MADE me try these on. At first I was like "Ew, no leggings are NOT pants" but wait... these are. And it's just as heavenly as you think. Thanks hubs, you're the best.
*Editor's Note: Upon looking up the link, I found out they are currently on super sale for $20 ea. Oops, just bought another few pairs. Sorry not sorry!

4. Our Southwest Companion Pass!
I proactively did some research on how to best use credit card sign up bonuses and point programs prior to purchasing quite a bit of needed inventory for some larger weddings last December. I already had the cash in hand to purchase, but wanted to get some perks for using cards. Southwest was running a promo on their Chase card, and I was able to secure 140,000 points AND the illustrious Southwest Companion Pass for my hubby. 

That's about the equivalent of FOUR FREE ROUNDTRIP FLIGHTS to anywhere Southwest flies, and we are ecstatic! Did you know Southwest flies to Aruba? and Jamaica? And Bermuda? And Bahamas?! C'MON PRETTY MAMA! 

I'm thinking we're gonna be contacting our favorite travel agent, Theresa Bermudez with Get Out! Custom Travels pretty soon! Vacay here we come! Have any recommendations for us?

5. This Illustrated Version of Hinds Feet on High Places
My amazing sister-in-law got this for me for my birthday this year, and it has given me so much life. If you've not read this allegory about conquering fear and trusting Jesus at his word, I highly recommend it. Fun Fact: I spotted an awesome vintage copy of this book at a used bookstore in Nashville. I had never heard of it, but thought the cover was pretty, so I bought it. IT CHANGED MY LIFE. I had actually moved to Nashville to work for an international nonprofit founded by Christian music group Jars of Clay. I wasn't a huge fan of theirs, but one of the only times I ever had a heart-to-heart chat with lead singer Dan Haseltine I shared how much I loved this book and asked him if he had ever heard of it. He replied, "Uh... yeah, it was actually the focus of our entire sophomore album..." SMH, lol.

Anyways, the book is awesome and I gave it to all my bridesmaids in their gift bags I loved it that much. 

What are you loving this week? Did you manage to score a pair of those amazing leggings?