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I’m a New York City native who found her heart and home in the South. When I’m not cuddling my husband James, our baby boy Levi Michael, or our cocker spaniel Lady, I’m intentionally curating experiences of beauty through writing, crafting and design.

It is my belief that hospitality is not only a pretty table and a good meal, but also the act of inviting your guests to experience your love.

Part of my life story is that I'm a survivor of a fatal car accident. I learned early on that life is far too precious and far too quickly passing to not celebrate every moment. I LOVE creating extravagant beauty in my work with Dishie because I love partnering with hosts who are taking intentional time to graciously CELEBRATE the wonderful things that are happening in their life and the wonderful people they get to share it with. 

So maybe THAT'S why people say their wedding day is the happiest day of your life - it's just the day you set aside intentional time to celebrate and be incredibly grateful! I'm just incredibly grateful that my work lets me live here on the daily.

Dishie at Home

About Dishie

Since 2012, we've worked with the area's most talented vendors to create one-of-a-kind tablescapes with our vast collection of boho, southern, and vintage tableware rentals.

Our mission is to encourage the authentic celebration of life through gathering at tables reflective of the unique heart and character of each party host.

This year we've responded to requests from our clients (and the multiple bride's who have threatened to run away with our tableware, ha!) and are opening Dishie Shoppe - a curated collection of our most favorite items available for retail.  

We are honored to be featured and published in wedding magazines locally and nationally, and are grateful to have won the title of "Orlando's Best Rental Company" via Orlando Magazine's 2015 Best of Orlando competition. However, our favorite recognition is always a gleaming review from our happy hosts.